Step Into My World

Like the famous JLo song but quite opposite in meaning, welcome to my world of mommy hood. As a first time mom, I must admit that I was confident of ‘rocking motherhood’ and thought I had most of the basics covered until my ‘precious package’ arrived. Everything since then has been a blur and although it seems like time sure is flying, every day is an experience. That’s what my blog is all about! The funny, not so funny, in your face, mad at baby, mad at self-moments. So I hope we connect!

While pregnant I looked through every possible website to keep up-to-date on my pregnancy and baby’s development. Google was my best friend on days when I was happy, sad and ready to burst into tears, extremely angry, sick to my stomach. You name it. I googled everything I could. If that wasn’t enough, I also had my mommy friends share their experiences and “oh so fun” pregger stories. But looking for answers on google after the birth of my baby was a different story. Of course the answers are available and in plenty but still made me wonder if I was doing the right thing. Reading blogs on how other mom’s dealt with the same experiences helped at times when I was up against a wall or ready to pull my hair (not literally). Those 1 a.m. feeds and insane moments were more bearable once I knew I had other mom’s to reach out to and offer some insight and a “pat on the back” for doing the “right thing”.

So that’s what got me thinking and writing and I decided to put my skills to use and begin a blog. I think It’s also a nice way of reaching out to other “mommies” and a most definitely refreshing thought (on one of those bad days) that “we are family, I got all my sisters with me.”