Baby's day out! Shop and Drop

Shopping with a baby is never easy. Shopping with a toddler is even more challenging. There's meal times to keep track of, snacks to fill those hungry tummies, sleep time that will never be for long because of said activity (i.e. shopping)..the list is endless. So if you're one of those people (like me) who will promise never to go shopping again, then please read this post. Because no matter what, you will shop again and it's just a matter of time before you'll excel at it. Ever seen those mommy shoppers with all their kids so well behaved and entertained? That will be you!
A few things to keep in mind:
Never go out shopping with the idea that you will finish what you started. Also, if you need to make certain decisions or more than a couple of choices (furniure shopping for example) its better to leave your little one with a sitter (family or friends). If not, be prepared for plenty of peek-a-boo, some distractions, and screaming.
Timing is everything so be sure to let your toddler have adequate sleep before you start. Early evening is best but babies and toddlers seem to have the most energy at this time. Snacking will tend to keep them happy (healthy snacking that is). It's also very important to keep track of meal times in between as we all know how distracted and forgetful shopping can make us.
Stroller toys will keep them entertained but only for a while. It's best to have a couple handy so you can switch between them.
The last bit of advice I have is to always carry a pair of night clothes while you're out (shopping or othwewise). Make the change just before you head home so you'll worry less about having to wake the little munchkin to change a diaper or clothes. So here's to a good and refreshing shopping experience. If it does get "crazy" just remember "you're not the only one".