Dealing with the "Tooth Monster"

We've all heard of the tooth fairy so I won't bore you with an explanation. Ever heard of the tooth monster? Well it exists too. Unlike the tooth fairy the monster can leave you with a lot of stress, sleepless nights and a feeling of helplessness. However, there are ways to soothe and ease your little ones discomfort and some teary days when you wish you can make the pain magically disappear.
Teething appatently is hereditary. So it's good to know when you or daddy got your first "smileys". One of the most noticeable signs of teething is drooling and sometimes some babies like to stick their fists in their mouth (this can also be mistaken for hunger!).
Teethers are the easiest and I like the liquid filled ones. However, as a word of caution, these can break or crack easily especially if your little one chomps hard on them. They can be refrigerated (not frozen) thereby providing additional relief. Baby A did not prefer teethers. It was in his mouth for a few minutes and all over the place afterwards. Washing them became such a pain! and I managed to misplace his favorite one.
Chilled Yogurt was his favorite but it was not practical to keep feeding him yogurt all the time. His Paediatrician suggested a teething gel that did wonders. There are A LOT of opinions on the Internet in regard to teething gels but I chose to use it in moderation and only when I felt he was in pain.
Whatever option you choose, there's nothing like a lot of TLC during this time. Hugs, kisses and cuddles can make your little one forget the pain. I hate the tooth monster but he sure gave my Baby A some very cute looking teeth.