what next! some annoying questions to deal with

I recently read a very nice blog post on
"things that happen after giving birth". It was right on spot and I wished I had read that a year ago. So for my first blog post I began thinking about my own experience and some of the things I was asked. This is no " gory post" but just some things I found extremely annoying, insensitive and something I never thought of..until baby A arrived. The worst part is that most of these questions are "always" asked (so no comfort here). It's better to be prepared to answer them or dismiss them (as you please).

1. Is this your first child! Well..hell yea! But wait, how did you know? This question is most likely to be asked by those who don't know you (e.g. nurses). This made me feel like I was right under the brightest spotlight. People who ask this question are really implying that you have NO idea what you're doing. It's best to avoid something as stupid as this and focus on something more positive or on the baby if you have nothing positive to say😉

2. Did you have a Normal or C-section delivery. Really! do I really care given the fact that both equally painful result in bringing forth a baby. I have never asked this question to anyone...after the birth of baby A. It's private, it's my moment and it's not something any new mom wants to answer given what she's gone through

3. How much did your baby weigh. I do not know a sarcastic response to this question (please comment if you do). I also don't understand how this piece of information will help anyone unless they are planning to surprise you with a whole year's supply of clothes for bubba. Although this sounds like a valid question it's really not important as baby weight will fluctuate for the first few months.

4. Did you have an epidural. Well...yes, they will want to know this too. The first time I read about an epidural, I firmly promised myself I would never ask for it. But baby A was not too keen on arriving even after 15 hours. So whatever I read was forgotten right then. It's no big deal and if anyone makes you feel bad about it..dismiss it and them too😏

and finally. .
5. Are you breast or bottle feeding. Irrespective of what you choose the outcome is the same. You are the only one who knows the reason for what you decide is best. It's tough and some people might make you feel as guilty as ever. But...you know best and you carried that little baby in you for nine whole months.

These are just "a pinch" so feel free to add anything I might have missed.