The bag lady...all about the "diaper bag!"

Most women love bags. I am one of those who don't. So you can imagine - diaper bag shopping was disastrous. They were either too big, way too small and the nice ones were ugly or over priced. I looked in every store, I hunted online but weeks later I still hadn't found one I liked. Quick tip: It's good to start looking for a diaper bag well in advance - like four months before baby arrives. 
Choosing one is never easy. I think most of us fall for the look, or the design (how cute!!!) or whatever. None of these help!! You should really look at other features like how much it can hold, how it actually feels on your shoulder (not empty but with stuff in it). Also, never fall for the ones that make you think are sooooo organised. You might just forget where the heck you put stuff (let me think right pocket, side pocket, flap pocket). With a baby, you really have no time to look in pockets. So keep it simple. 
1. Two pockets at the most. 
2. One big enough for diapers and wipes. One for smaller stuff (pacifiers, cream etc.)
It's also nice to stock up on samples or smaller sizes of products you plan to use (wipes and diaper rash creams). I always stashed a small version of the diaper bag in the car. This is particularly helpful on days when you have no time to pack. 
Another quick bit of advice is to always have extras (like pacifiers, if you use them, extra formula, bibs etc.). Oh! and I must not forget to add that it's better to have a smaller pouch (in the big bag) for money, cards, cellphone and keys. Makes finding it a whole lot easier!
This post is so detailed only because I had to learn " the trial and error" method. I never really thought about "the bag"! What goes in the bag is another detailed post....but I'm sure this is a good start😉 So until's hoping that you're diaper bag experience is a plesant one.